The Joy of Creepin’ on Writers

This is probably one of the first shots I’ve taken with this “lets shoot the writer” thing going in my head. The writer (illuminated by his phone, which he’s taking notes on) is Victor Gonzalez, who was reviewing a Black Lips show at the Rhythm Room for Phoenix New Times last summer.

When I think about it, my friends mostly consist of either photographers or writers (with a few exceptions, including my best friend who happens to be an architect). Point is, I think they’re swell. As I’ve mentioned before, writing was my first love, so maybe that has something to do with it. Or just that writers tend to be really cool people who I cross paths with on a pretty regular basis.

Regardless, when I run into a writer who’s reviewing a show I’m shooting, I like to shoot’em as well. Just for funsies.

Here’s a small handful along with whatever show they’re reviewing in the images. Hope to add to this collection.

Here’s an image of friend and Riverfront Times music editor Kiernan Maletsky reviewing the Emily Wells and Portland Cello Project show at the Old Rock House in May.

This brilliant man is Mike Appelstein and he’s concentrating on the Mission of Burma concert at the Firebird. The band came through St. Louis for the first time ever this past April.

So, the lovely Liz Miller was pretty insistent on me not photographing her when I was being all super obvious earlier. She lucked out with those shots of her dodging me because my camera can only do so much in the dark. But yeah, that didn’t stop me from trying again later, more specifically, while Liz was too distracted absorbing The Shins performance at the Pageant last month to notice me.

Okay, just a quick disclaimer: I am not obsessed with Josh Levi (despite having a short series of images of him). Well, maybe a little now that I know how cool he is, because this Diplo and Chiddy Bang show he reviewed was maybe the second time we met and I’ve gotta say, sometimes knowing the writer will enhance the experience of the gig. He was loads of fun that night as you’ll see in the following image…

There. See? Fun fella. This is what work should like like, guys.

Also got to meet RFT music intern Harper Blair Stiles at the same show.

Yeah, I searched for Josh with my telephoto lens before the Red Hot Chili Peppers took the stage at the Scottrade Center in May.

Technically this was a show I wasn’t shooting (fellow RFT photographer Jon Gitchoff was). However, I was more than honored that the talented Diana Benanti invited me to be her +1 for the Bob Seger concert at the Scottrade Center in December (even though I didn’t know who he was and was berated by her as well as a few Twitterers that night because of my ignorance).

This is me during my first full concert review of Florence + the Machine in April at the Peabody Opera House (I’ve done two show recaps, but that’s it). Just after shooting the first three songs, I was asked to review it because the writer had an emergency that came up. I was pretty nervous (although I used to want to be a writer, I wouldn’t exactly say writing falls under my comfort zone), but I had a great time throwing it together. Best part? A few weeks later, when shooting the Emily Wells/Portland Cello Project, a concert-goer asked what my name was. When I told him, he complimented my Florence review. Probably meant more than most compliments for the photography.


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