Shooting Family


Just for the record, I don’t always photograph myself on assignment. But it was my first time in a limo. Paul’s, too.

Why were we in a limo in the first place? My cousin Amera’s wedding (Ahmed was there too). It was only the second Arab wedding I’ve ever shot, the first was another cousin’s (back in December. Waddup Ibrahim…). Some might wonder why I make the distinction “Arab wedding” as opposed to just “wedding.” Well, for one thing, it’s a two-day affair. The henna is the day before and tends to be more intimate and have more “tradition” involved—from the attire to the practice of writing initials in one anothers’ palms with henna (hence the name, I guess). It’s a whirlwind of food, (loud) music, relatives from all over. Basically, every Arab wedding is like a huge family reunion but minus the BBQ.

I shot this wedding a few days before taking off for Haifa to do my master’s project. In the meantime, while I’m not shooting for that, I’m trying to catch up on editing (so much editing…).

Anywho, I’ll let the photos take over from here. These are some of my favorites thus far but I’m still going through the wedding and working backwards to the henna. Amera and Ahmed were so wonderful to work with—very laid back and sweet. And Amera is an absolute doll, so it really was a pleasure to be so involved in her special day.

Wishing the couple the happiest of days ahead.

*Also, I have to give a special shout out to my friends at Tiny Attic Productions, Paul and Chelsea (she’s in a ton of other photos). They’re always a good time, whether it’s work or play. Or both. Talented, passionate, lovely friends.

**Another side note: These photos aren’t as out-of-focus when you click on the individual image. Not sure why this template softens the images…?



























_DSC5116__BW_27This photo makes me think of Beetlejuice. Not sure why, but it makes me like it.
















detail stuff_44








_DSC5667_52Did I mention I have a big family??















_DSC6238_67Seriously, did I mention I have a big family???


 I know I said earlier that I don’t always—or even often—take photos of myself while working, but come on, she’s family.



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