The St. Louis Sandwich Quest

Photo by Josh Maassen. I'm enjoying a finger-lickin' good Panino Fresco at Blues City Deli, located at 2438 McNair Ave., on Thursday, Feb. 18.

A sandwich can make or break a person’s day. I believe sandwiches are seriously underrated. The reason they make my top favorite foods is because of the room for diversity. The sandwich is an endless amount of possibilities and variations, derived from the most simple of concepts. Two pieces of bread that trap whatever meats and toppings a person’s heart–and tummy–may desire to create a masterpiece.

My buddy Josh Maassen and I were talking about the glory of sandwiches the other day at work when a thought occurred to me: why not venture out and find the best sandwiches in St. Louis? What more worthy of a project could present itself to me? After all, I am an intense food enthusiast. I believe in, and cherish, the magic in all that is tasty in this world.

Josh with his 'Benton Park' Po-Boy from Blues City Deli.

And with that in mind, we racked our brains and did a little research to find what is rumored to be the best sandwich spots in St. Louis. We are currently assembling a list of these locations to try. I’m confident that Josh and I, along with any other friends in the mood for a good sandwich, will make a great team in this endeavor. I personally don’t eat pork or red meat, so my focus will be veggie and/or chicken/turkey sandwiches. Josh, however, is more than fine with being the meat eater (way to take one for the team, buddy).

We will venture out with perked ears, open eyes and empty stomachs as we embark on our epic St. Louis Sandwich Quest to satisfy our appetites.

One Response to “The St. Louis Sandwich Quest”

  1. In the event that you’re looking for your next great sandwich, I recommend the Gourmet Foodworks Deli in Clayton. Delicious!

    And I know the owner would love the press!

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